Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Make a Split Entry More Functional

Hello again.

One of the things I wasn't excited about in our new house was the entry. I know some people absolutely hate split entries, for many reasons, the only one I was bugged by was the lack of space in the entryway. I mean, really. 3 doors open into it. Not from it, into it. Luckily the previous owners had kicked a hole in the entry closet door, so it came off and the entry seemed a bit bigger. However, then our mess of a front closet was clearly visible for all, and I didn't want that to be the first impression when people walked into our home.
 Welcome! Here is a mess!
 I know some people would have just bought shoe shelves, or maybe a nice shoe bin. But I saw the entry nook from

And I went out shopping. I could make mine more functional, too! Plans and pictures to follow! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Good night for now!

The American Dream

Hello, my follower. Whoever you are, feel free to comment and chat for awhile.

I have been meaning to do some posts for awhile now, but there always seems to be something else I could be doing. My husband cringes when he realizes I do my blogging from my phone. But its unobtrusive, though clunky. Blog from anywhere, anytime. BAM!

Anyways, we have been quite busy, as we just bought a house! Nothing too grand, but hopefully through some smart planning, a beautiful and functional home. And...maybe just a little pinterest hopping. My husband says men dread that website. He says it creates too much work and envy. But, its also incredibly useful for seeing images of houses, so surf I do.

Here's the beauty, as it was when we first looked at it. Quite honestly, I wasn't sold on it. But it was good value and had potential, and resale value would be good (it was a foreclosure), so offer we did. Etc. Apparently the previous owners cared for the yard quite well, as we had some lovely bushes and flowers bloom this spring.

I used to think peonies were ugly, but now I love them. I wonder why...

Here are some pictures of what the house looked like, and how we started changing it up.

 Our living room furniture for awhile! :) that red has got to go....

Much better as Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl. Plus a preview of our flooring (yay, nasty carpet gone!) And the bar counter where the wall used to be. Its amazing what a different house this is!

Come visit?