Thursday, January 31, 2013


This is an experiment of sorts...testing many things but for now,we see where this goes. Welcome to my shop. I hope you like my products. If you do, say so and thank you! If you don't, don't say so and thank you! :)

On another note...who wants to take product photography? I got anxious to list and neither I not munchone are good models, especially not with cell phone cameras and P&S cameras without a tripod. Models and or photographers requested. I can give you my latest creation  (which will be listed very soon!).

These are some of my lovely pictures.

 Hello, sunny day!
 what exactly is that hand doing, anyways? Playing imaginary phone?
even with a helper she's hard to catch. Oh well. Munchone is adorable, along with munchtwo.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

breakfast for supper

  I love breakfast. Any time of the day I'd be perfectly happy eating egg bake or a cheesy strata, nice fluffy carb-y pancakes, eggs Benedict, omelets. Bacon is my friend. I am constantly changing how I make pancakes, trying to make them a little less processed and failing more often than not. But last time? They worked
 Golden brown and fluffy...with  lovely, nutty flavor.

Coconut pancakes

1/2c almond flour
1/4c flax meal
1/4c coconut flour
3/4c whole wheat flour
1tsp salt
1tbsp baking powder (heaping)
1 3/4c coconut milk
2 eggs, beaten
2tbsp oil or melted butter
1/4-1.2c water

Mix all dry ingredients together in one bowl, wet in another except the water. Then mix together, making the batter something like this:
Then add water to your desired consistency of batter. Mine looked like this:
Your griddle is ready on medium heat,so pour them on. I used a 1/3c measure, and let it spread a bit as I poured because mine was still quite thick.
I also negated any healthy factors there were by adding a cinnamon swirl...1/4c brown sugar, 1/4c melted butter, 1/2tbsp cinnamon. Mix together and drizzle from a ziploc bag corner, snipped with scissors. Cook until batter is thickening up, mine didn't really bubble. I flipped when the batter stopped looking so runny.
yummy craters.
Freeze leftovers and pop in the toaster for later. Makes 15-20 4-inch pancakes. Tastes delicious with maple cream cheese on it... Equal parts cream cheese and butter, soften until able to blend well. Add a tsp of vanilla and maple syrup to taste (1 tbsp-ish) and gulp it all down. Yum. Its like dessert.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Shearing of Sheep Product

This post is a tutorial on how to change a turtleneck sweater to a regular crew neck or boatneck neckline. Or a scoop neck. Anything but a turtleneck. They make me feel like I'm being choked.
 This is another goodwill steal...
 The stripes were just too good to pass up, and since it had been a maternity sweater, it probably was worn once or twice and chucked. Into my welcoming hands. I may take in the sides someday but for now, I like the fit as is.
 To get rid of the turtleneck, chop it off. Fiskars would be proud of that product placement...
 All chopped and looking better already.
 Since mine already was the shape and depth of scoop that I wanted, I ran over the edges with a zigzag stitch so nothing would fray. Then I pinned it under about an inch or so all around, and hand stitched the folded piece down. I didn't trust myself to do this super light and stretchy knit with the machine...I'm not familiar enough with it and this fabric. It also has a habit of not doing the stitch I have selected and going in reverse when I have it set to go forward. I used a backstitch. If you want a different shape for a neckline, trim to the shape you would like, remembering to keep some fabric for a seam allowance. Then zigzag, pin, and stitch.
 All tied off and tried on, no choking at all.
 Ah, so nice to have the sweater with the lovely gray and cream stripes and the versatility of a modest scoop.

Now that the sheep has been shorn, I am really enjoying my sweater

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Turn Your Jeans into Skinny Jeans

Picture-heavy post! But, hey. Its a tutorial and I like when there are pictures. These are the jeans I bought from Goodwill for $1.50. I decided I didn't like the flare because I usually wear boots and I like to keep my hems dry in the winter. They happen to be the current style as well... In the picture I've already skinnified one leg, but I'll walk through the steps to get there.
 There are a couple different options you could use to adjust the voluminous width of the pant legs, but the simplest is to try on the pants inside out, then put a safety pin where you want to start bringing the leg in (probably around the knee), another mid-calf, and one at the ankle. To save your eyes from yet another awkward self-portrait of my legs, I didn't take that picture. However, after I replaced and augmented the line of safety pins with regular pins, I checked the taper against a pair that fit to make sure I was doing things right. This is also another way you could go about getting measurements, but you can't go wrong with the pin's tailored to your body.
 As you can see, my bottom pin shows 3 inches being removed.
 You can record the "trimmage width" and "trimmage height" to use for the other leg.
 Look at that pretty line of pins....
 Sew along your line of pins, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end to lock your stitches in.
 If you run into the seam during your sewing jaunt, just make sure it lies flat as it goes under the presser foot. We don't like bulges.
 As you can see, my seam didn't line up perfectly with the manufactured one. If you are a perfectionist, you could try. I'm more of an instant gratification type of girl. This is where you try your jeans on to make sure they fit, and that they look good.

 Once you check for proper fit, do the same thing for the second leg. Once both legs have been sewn and you are happy with how your legs are hugged in denim, keep your seam from fraying by running a serger alongside, or by using a zig zag stitch. I used the max number of stitches per inch that my machine would allow. I like to clip the excess after I zig and zag because then I don't have to worry about distracted driving. If you are really savvy with reuse and don't mind a slightly padded leg, you could forget about the zig and zag and clip, and just leave the extra fabric. That way, when you'd rather die than be seen in skinny jeans, you can simply remove the seam and suddenly you have new pants. Everyone loves a 2-fer, right?
 et voila!
My photography skills are amazing, no? I think I just need a tripod.

A Failure, a Success, and a Smile

Toodling along today in a state of fitful creativity, I stumbled upon an idea. Recently I had come across this tutorial, and I figured I could probably make them. Brilliant, right? After all, in my journey to learn how to sew, I have had mostly successes. I also would love to be able to make baby shoes, kids shoes, women's shoes, boots, all those fun and fancy things. So in between my other tasks today I spent my time cutting and sewing pieces, following the tutorial step by step. Since the pattern pieces in the PDF file are miniscule, I had to draft my own. Maybe that's where I went wrong? Heh heh...

 Needless to say, mine are definitely not as cute as hers. I decided to scrap that project for awhile, since it obviously was not going in my favor. Someday I'll buy a pattern and get up the nerve to try again.
Munchkin keeping me from getting too saddened by my convoluted shoe....

In spite of the lumpiest shoe this side of the lumpy foot mountains, I did manage to have a successful day. Laundry washed, dried, and folded, delicious ground beef fried rice for supper from a recipe I dreamed up, the fluffiest bread ever from another recipe I dreamed one day, and some fresh, yummy blueberry muffins to end the day. Now, if only i had some chocolate! How was your day? 

Sledding is hard work and requires lots of water.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goodwill pulls through

Yesterday I was at goodwill, determined to find some jeans. I have one pair that fits, and consequently it is wearing a little thin after a year of constant use. I'm too cheap to buy more because my baby is 3 months old, and I'll get back in shape someday, right?

I found a few pairs that I thought might fit, but I'm a fan of skinny jeans, and these were all flared. Well, as long as they fit at the waist, I should be able to make them work, right? So I skinnified them!

Halfway done...

And my new pants!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Message To Cyberspace

Hello, world. You are an very big, yet very small place. And with this blog I get to try create a presence, share a bit of me and my successes and failures to the world. 'Tis a bit daunting, no? Well, if someone other than myself ever reads this and gets acquainted with my peculiarities, please leave a bit of your personality in the comments for me to enjoy as well.

I hope to share my journey into my creative side as I learn how to sew, and hopefully soon I can try my hand at a little home renovation. I'll do extensive before and after pictures as well as tutorials and thought processes. Because what could be better than sharing what goes on in this finicky mind of mine? It works, sometimes I just forget how it works....

I also dabble in the kitchen (of course I do, and I  one of those people who simply can't follow a recipe 100%. What's wrong with me?), and when I figure out a cool way of organizing meals and groceries, I'll be sure to let you know. Or you can let me know; that might be faster.

Why Kardemum, you may wonder? I love dabbling in the kitchen, and for me and my baking, cardamom is one of my favorite secrets. Apple crisp? Deadly with a hint of cardamom. I also cleverly *cough* allude to my heritage, which is Finnish. Mina olen Suomalainen. Kardemummi is cardamom in Finnish. And my initials are KM. Kardemum. So clever I could just bite myself...or not. If you're ever in the area, let me know and I'll whip you up a tasty treat!