Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Ruffled Lace Scarf

I used to be the biggest tomboy on the block. We didn't live on a block, but I was still free and easy in my tomboy status. Might've even bragged it up a time or two..."Yeah...I'm so tough I won the class arm wrestling championship!" (I did. Second grade. Don't knock it.) I am finding an appreciation for the more delicate things in life, though I will never be a girly girl in that sense. Here is my take on a ruffled lace scarf, and you can't get more feminine than that.

If you would like to make one, you could use embroidery thread or you could do what I did and tie 3 threads together in the length you desire. You also need scissors and a needle, ballpoint so it doesn't snag any lace (lace already has holes, you don't need to create new ones!), and your lace. Mine is about 8 inches wide and maybe two yards long. If anyone is going to make this and wants to know for sure, just ask and I'll measure. Or choose your own length. Just know that it will shrink to about half the original length -- or less -- once you are done.
My lace was very geometric so it was easy to stitch and cut straight lines.
I tied a knot in my three strings, but you could use embroidery floss. And tie a knot.
Thread the needle, then begin stitching on the lace about 2 inches from one side.
Tip:put a few stitches on the needle like these surrounding pics, then pull all the thread through. You may want to pull the thread and ruffle your fabric slightly here and lock your ruffle into place with a backstitch. I didn't and it works fine, the ruffles are just readjustable.
Keep going, ruffling as you go or waiting until the end.
Repeat on the second side and you are done!
Wear draped and hanging loose!
Or wear it tucked a bit.
Or with an oh-so-casually placed hand just for fun.

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